In the early 90’s, the Web was taking its first faltering steps, and the digital revolution had not yet taken place. But its potential was obvious to some of us. At that time, I had acquired a solid experience in developing and implementing educational programs for various institutions, and it seemed absolutely essential to me that museums and organizations specialized in culture or education had to tap into these new communication technologies. It was the dawn of a new era, as though the contribution of the encyclopedists had suddenly reached the sound barrier!

The purpose was to enrich the experience of a visit to a museum or an institution, not to replace it, and to abolish time-space constraints which prevent us from accessing the diversity of their collections. In 1995, when I founded Idéeclic Inc, my objective was clear : an internet site had to be more than a corporate address and had to offer more than general information. The possibilities were endless, and we now have access to collections on line, new means to explore and intepretive contents, and various electronic platforms and networks. And this is just the beginning...

Idéeclic Inc. has developed in sync with the latest technology. My team shares my drive for excellence and my openness to constructive collaborations in order to better meet the objective of our clients to increase their reach. We will be celebrating in 2015 our 20th anniversary, and we are determined to remain a dynamic and innovative company. We now have clients from all over the world, and our commitment is as strong as ever. We want to ensure that contents on the Web provide a better understanding of our world and contribute to the democratization of knowledge so vital in our societies in search of reference points and meaning.

Our goal is to pursue new avenues in museology, such as inSitu SolutionsTM, a cross-platform interactive system, developed by Idéeclic Inc.

I am proud of our leading role in cybermuseology and of our accomplishments officially recognized nationally and internationally. On the eve of our 20th anniversary, I look forward to the future of Idéeclic Inc. with the same passion and determination I had when I founded the company. I hope we can be partners in innovation soon and I thank you for visiting our site.

Alain Massé, founder and president of Idéeclic Inc.